Pluching (pluck+stretching)
chair stretching apparatus.

A stretching helping device Pluching is proposed to Let me know modern people who spend a lot of time sitting down for a long time not to forget to do stretching so that they can do it more effectively even if they do it once stretching.
Modern people who sit for a long time are accompanied by turtle neck syndrome and shoulder pain.
These pains can be prevented by stretching often.
However, the more you concentrate on your work, the more you forget about stretching.
For modern people who spend a long time on chairs, we propose exercise equipment that gives the effect of band exercise and stretching in the form of clip-on on the back of the chair.
A powerful neodymium magnet is embedded in a silicon clip to secure the product.
In addition, Bluetooth function and heat detection sensor are built into the handle, which allows users to check the exact number of times by linking them to their mobile phones.
If you set how many times a day to stretch with the pluching app, you will be notified by vibration during the stretching time. So it helps me to stretch without forgetting.