Spicy Jiko is a product of Tawi Natural Africa, a small food manufacturer based in East Africa.  Below is a "brief" summary of the product development process, which is a continuous WIP.

Phase 1
Product Strategy
Starting with a plan allows us the opportunity to fully encompass the brand within the entire value chain and create a clear picture of the consumer audience, marketing and distribution networks.

- The Value Proposition
- Food Markets 2020
- The Perfect Customer - Product - Brand Fit
- Channels for Value Exchange
- Implementation Roadmap​​​​​​​

Phase 2
Product Branding

Spicy Jiko is all about African Spicy Roots. The brand mark is at the centre of this expression. 

The logo has been worked to represent the different spicy ‘roots’ and herbs used in the creation of Spicy Jikos quality products, while also delivering a meaning and context to the brand’s values and its reasons to believe - made with the best natural ingredients from East Africa.

- Brand Strategy
- Brand Story
- Brand Identity

The brand logo was first hand drawn, then rendered with tiny imperfections to reinforce the hand made, craft quality of the products and the personal, small scale approach of the business.

Phase 3 
Product Packaging

The theme of authentic spicy roots is further built through the on-pack language with content sections pulling out the best qualities of each recipe showing how Spicy Jiko products can transform your everyday meals into flavourful aromatic and savoury meals.​​​​​​​

- Label Design
- Package Mockups
- Product Pictures (WIP)

The colour palette and finish of the labels play a key role in the product's natural spicy appeal with each label presenting a unique selection of the ingredient root, flowers and leaves. This is intended to present  unique balance of ingredients and flavours that each individual product contains.

We start collecting consumer feedback as soon as we have a visual representation of the packaging. 
We discovered many good value-add stories to share from ingredient sourcing, to quality production and fulfilment processes.. and we wanted to ensure we incorporate these elements into the packaging and brand story early.

Phase 4
D2C Platforms
In this phase we develop and measure the main communication and distribution channels required for launch and growing the customer base.

Our platform development phases are modelled along the customer journey. It's enabled us to launch as we continue to upgrade the experience. With every feedback, we get better, smarter :)

- Catalogs
- Social media profile set up
- Communication Templates
- Website Development and Management
- Influencer / Partnership engagement  
-  ERP integration​​​​​​​

That's it for now. We are working on the website case study and we look forward to sharing it soonest.
We are now working on building sales.

Visit the website at www.spicyjiko.com
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @SpicyJiko

Spicy Jiko

Spicy Jiko