Obobun is a branding project Richard Moore Associates has built for an authentic bún bò xào (Vietnamese noodle salad) restaurant in Grenoble, France.


The core brand identity is designed in the style of minimalism, lightness but also no lack of delicate parts. The representative image of this brand contributes to expressing the character of the friendly East Asia, loved and fervently blended into the delicious, healthy and full-fledged Bo Bun.

The mark on the top of the letter “O” is set to represent the Vietnamese leaf hat, highlighting the traditional characteristics and origin of Obobun featured dish. 

Focus more on the “bobun” part, the letters are delicately designed to express the deeper meaning of the identity. The image of the leaf and the rounded features symbolize the nutritional balance of the “green” Bo Bun, typical for the Vietnamese’s elegant meal.

Obobun Brand Colour is a combination of orange and green, creating a harmonious whole, meaningful enough. Orange gives a feeling of delicious food experience, contributing as a “spicy flavor” for Obobun brand. 

Green highlights the brand’s penchant, which is to build healthy, fresh experiences such as blending into the natural things of nature so that you can enjoy the food in a familiar way close to Vietnamese culture.

Apart from recalling the image of fresh ingredients by resembling the shape of a leaf, which is part of Obobun’s Brand Identity, their Brand Visual Elements also started with inspiration from Vietnamese air brick, which is a familiar image with many Vietnamese households. 
It uses the core shapes of Obobun and developed into other versions of graphic shapes and patterns.
Year: 2019

Branding Agency: Richard Moore Associates
Photography: CreaCo