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The Unwanted Project
The Unwanted Project

dedicated to all the things we used to love
Student: Cheung King Ting, Adrianna (BA(Hons) Scheme in Advertising Design)
The Discovery
From the result of the research, there are few things that can be concluded. 
First thing is that the future of Fast Fashion would be closing the loop. Since the Fast Fashion industry is definitely here to stay with all the supporter it still has and the somewhat important status in modern fashion world but meanwhile facing two difficulties; a lot of online shopping websites as their competitors and more youngsters are trying their best to be more sustainable. 
The online shopping website have the advantages of providing consumer who doesn’t want to get out of their apartment to shop and also low prices at the same time. In addition, a lot of discontent from a part of the general public, closing the loop, meaning to produce less waste is definitely the way out for the Fast fashion industry.
The target audience of the project are those who are fashion conscious but not interested in the environment.

The Design Solution
With the upcoming problems for the fast fashion brands and the wasting problem for us, it is of importance to change fashion lover’s behaviour gradually.
This is to ask them to bring their unwanted clothes to H&M for recycle by telling them you are doing something good while getting paid, which is the coupon.
 “The Unwanted Project”, is dedicated to all the things people used to like and want. It acts as a reminder to people for those things that they do not remember anymore. The project is aiming to trigger audiences’ memories, their old memories. This is also going to be an ongoing project for finding the unwanted pieces, the old fashion trend we all once loved but do not remember them or even hate them now. This is almost like breaking up and ending a relationship which inspires the tagline and the poems in the videos.
The Unwanted Project