The Cuddle
Emotion Communication Design
Student: Tsang Yuen Yee Jane {BA (Hons) in Product Design}
Supervising Tutor: Scott Chin
The Discovery
Under socialization and busy urban life, communication between couples is prone to create barriers. Even after work, people still choose to use their mobile phone instead of accompany with family; children or financial pressures often cause quarrels; the feeling of constant depression has no place to vent. Various reasons have led to an increasing divorce rate and domestic violence nowadays, therefore, effective communication is the way to alleviate most of the problems. Men and women express and soothe their emotions differently and what they need is a balance. It's unrealistic to assume all communication in a relationship can be done face-to-face (especially in a long-distance relationship), but as far as the important stuff goes, it is much better to talk in person than to try to resolve conflict over the phone or worse, text.

The Design Solution
As Dr. Dean Ornish, a leading researcher in healthcare explains, "When you take the time to get to know your feelings, you become less stressed and you can think more clearly and creatively, making it easier to find constructive solutions." Designing an interactive communication device for couple to share and express their feelings about work, kids, to even their relationship in an interesting and fun way. A houseware that able to assist the couple to resolve conflict when they are in need. The product aims to achieve daily quality time between others by providing a chance of conversation and interaction, to lead both selves to express their real feelings by different senses, and help the couple to resolve conflicts and assist calm emotion by physical data.
The Side Table
A modern side table for daily use, activate by putting two phones to recharge. Couple can have a quality interactive time without other interruption.
The Mood Light
A wall light that reflects users' emotions by receiving physical data from smart devices, e.g. smartwatch and smartphone. The color and lights reflect their emotions in a day. Two circle falls apart when the couple has less interaction.
To Activate
It is fine to have some "me time" and use phone after home. When there's a need to recharge the phone, it's about time to put down the phones and have some quality time with your partner.
Move the controller to one emotion and the surface will transform to represent the corresponded emotion, touch and feel how your partner feels. When you are indicating your emotion, rotate to scale the ratio of each emotion.
The Cuddle