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    Student work.
Alan Ford&Fashion

Alan Ford is an Italian satirical comic book created by writer  Luciano Secchi (Max Bunker) and illustrator Roberto Raviola (Magnus). The  first issue was published in May 1969. Even though illustrations were amazing, stories were the funniest thing ever, taking a piss of politics, society and absolutely everything else, it was popular only in Italy and ex Yugoslavia. Alan Ford is still being published by Max Bunker Production today but with a different illustrators.
As I grew up reading these comics  over and over again (instead of studing) to the point that I knew every cloud by heart (but knew no world's history) in more than about 100 issues I decided (as I study now instead of reading it) to remember my favourite literature when I was a kid, also its timless humor  and use it as a fashion illustration.

Stories are about secrete agents from the group TNT, who are not very synhronised with the law themselves but on its side after all, and their enemies. Their boss is an old cranky man in a squeaky wheelchair who was already old at the begining of the humankind and knew Homer.  So what I did here is that I transfered the main male caracters and their cloths full of holes into the female ones.
If you come across Max Bunker please tell him to employ me as an illustrator as Alan Ford is still my favourite literature (old numbers) although my memory is not that great any longer to remember all those clouds!
This is a student (and very personal work) and I used the style of drawing from the original.
All the people who used to read it will know who is who. Hope you enjoy it and hopefully it will bring you back some memories like it did to me while drawing it.
All drawn with ink.
Alan Ford
Bob Rock
Sir Oliver
Gervasius Twinkleminkleson
Number 1
Genaral War
The End