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Experience Design Project:
Combination of elements that engage senses in experience design can generate creative and efficient city identity.

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Van Eenoo Cedric
The Discovery
The discovery of this project is that city identity is not only delivering images of the city, but also it has to respect and convey the cultural, historical, and environmental aspects of the country. Therefore, approaches have to be more dynamic and diverse to embrace city's various perspectives. In this process, I observed that design associates with visual as well as holistic experiences in order to people empathized and feel belongs to the country. The target users an audience of my project is people who live at fictitious country, and also people who never know about the country. Most importantly, people believe in the existence of the city in reality. 
The Design Solution
The key solution of the above problem was creating storytellings based on people's real experience. I received a few feedbacks regarding the memory of their favorite places and reasons. Therefore, I was able to establish the structure of the country's identity. The additional stories were based on my imagination and fiction. Through this process, I believed that people may consider the country itself seems familiar but unfamiliar at the same time. Another approach are stimulating human senses and interactions with the visual. Visuals associating with fragrance and texture implant the identity much easier and last longer in the people's memory.
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