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    Black & White Long Exposure // Set on Milos and Kimolos Islands // Film Photography by Constantinos K // 2011
Milos Kimolos InMotion
Thanks to Evgenia Pahaki and Annopaido for retouching this damaged Infrared frame. 
Special thanks to Georgia Panagopoulou.
And from then on I bathed in the Poem
Of the Sea, infused with stars and lactescent,
Devouring the azure verses; where, like a pale elated
Piece of flotsam, a pensive drowned figure sometimes sinks;
Where, suddenly dyeing the blueness, delirium
And slow rhythms under the streaking of daylight,
Stronger than alcohol, vaster than our lyres,
The bitter redness of love ferments!
The Drunken Boat
All of these photos were shot using Rollei films and
several different types of ND filters.

Analog Photography by Constantinos K // 2011