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    A mobile APP for Gordon's Gin.
I was chosen to present this idea at Collective London's Upstarts event.
This is social media and APP based campaign for Gordon's Gin or potentially another spirit, promoting the spirit through cocktails based on different areas of London e.g. the SW9 cocktail or NR1 cocktail. 
Searching your area of London the APP shows the bars your areas cocktail is being served in that night. Bars serving the drinks are updated last minute on the APP .The more of the cocktails you buy the more points you earn and the more bars are revealed adding an air of secrecy and exclusivity. 
Only the coolest bars in each area will be endorsing the drinks . This idea plays on the fact that just like clothing and attitude what you drink can also say a lot about who you are.Representing your postcode will instil this identity. The concept could help give a spirit a new lease of life and identity. 
The campaign is about different areas of London celebrating and representing their home turf and everything thats unique about London culture and nightlife.