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    Truth&Dare creates message-driven items for social messengers that inspire and provoke political dialogue.
Truth&Dare creates message-driven items for social messengers. 
Not just to get attention, but to spark meaningful conversation,
in support of an individual risking it all for truth and transparency. 
Truth&Dare kicks off with a series of unisex shirts in support of Julian Assange, editor-in-chief and main spokesperson for WikiLeaks. The #SupportJulian shirts feature text from US State Department diplomatic cables as well as original messaging. For every shirt sold, €10 (25%) will be donated to the WikiLeaks Fund and to the WikiLeaks Defense Fund.
Whatever you may think of Julian, he and his associates at WikiLeaks, their informers and media partners are equipping individuals everywhere with the information they need to hold people in power accountable for their actions. Or lack thereof. Meanwhile, governments and corporations are going out of their way to suppress Julian et al. Bradley Manning, an alleged source, has been held in intensive solitary confinement for over six months. Before he’s even been tried.
Despite the opposition, WikiLeaks’ revelations have galvanized public opinion and inspired political reform in Kenya, Iceland and Tunisia. We can expect more when journalists, policy makers and scholars have sifted through all the documents made available to them.
In the meantime, Truth&Dare intends to keep the conversation going. By offering people a simple way to show their support. And an attractive way to share the stories that have surfaced recently. Behind the scenes Truth&Dare offers designers a platform to create products that inspire and provoke political dialogue.  
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