This was a school project in which we had to do four typographic posters based on a chosen phobia or disorder. I chose to Major Depressive Disorder (depression) for this project. I chose this disorder mainly because of the personal impact it's had in my life, dealing with family and other significant people in my life who suffer or used to suffer with depression. Each of these pieces symbolizes the many traits of depression expressed through the typography in four different ways - words, syllables, letters, and paragraphs. We also had to choose a graphic designer to influence from, and the graphic designer I chose was David Carson.
Word Poster  
Taking the word "depression", and breaking it up into two words - "deep pression".
Syllables Poster
Taking the word, and placing the syllables in a downward fashion to symbolize the lowering of emotions.
Paragraph Poster
Taking the paragraph description of Major Depressive Disorder and making a circular shape with over-lapping text to create a black circle. This symbolizes the empty feeling or black hole/void of the soul that depression causes. 
Letters Poster
Taking the letters of "depression" and placing them in a falling-type manner to symbolize falling emotions that build up over time.