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Ten Years Book
Ditroit — Ten Years Book

One decade after its establishment, Ditroit's Creative Director Salvo Giunta, together with the studio crew, past and present, decided to go down the memory lane and reminisce the most relevant moments both on a human and on a professional level. 

Our 10 year-anniversary book is about what a design studio goes through in its first years of life and it includes testimonies by Ditroit's members and collaborators, as well as many pictures, storyboard, sketches and stolen moments from the studio life.

We like to metaphorically think of the D10YB as a dissertation to present 
to the school board after an intense decade in the classroom. We studied, we failed, 
we lost heart, but then we took notes, learned, and our grades eventually got better. 
We had fun, we went through some rough patches, but we’re finally ready 
for the greater challenge of adulthood.

Among all our projects, there are several that we consider as stepping-stones 
in terms of quality and mental space. Others that they simply had fun working on. 
Yet some more nightmarish ones. Pictures, storyboards, and sketches are 
all in the book to prove those cases. 

Design Intention

Most of Ditroit’s projects can be found online, so the goal was to steer away 
from the idea of cataloging them in this book. The intent was to share what goes 
on behind the making of Ditroit’s images and animations. The number of visuals 
and stories gathered was huge, hence the idea to approach its design as if it were 
one big moodboard. Each double-page featuring different types of content (pictures, sketches, e-mails, words) is meant to be perceived both for every single element or 
in its togetherness, as a poster. The graphic design was carried out by Studio Temp.

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Publisher: Salvatore Giunta 
Editors: Davide Giannella, Ada Korvafaj
Art Direction and Design: Studio Temp
Project Coordinator: Noemi Bugli
Translations: Tracey Waters, Ada Korvafaj
Proofreading: Bennett Bazalgette-Staples
Forwards by: Roberto Bagatti, Marc Bodin-Joyeux, Justin Cone, Stephen Price

Photography: Federico Guarino
Contributors: Cristian Acquaro, Lorenzo Banal, Pietro Furbatto, Claudio Gasparollo, Salvatore Giunta, Ada Korvafaj, Vincenzo Memeo, Guido Montalcini, Giovanni Mauro, Matteo Nicoli, Sergio Papa, Daniela Zanne

Ten Years Book

Ten Years Book