Kusmos Live: Recursion performance
Kusmos Live: Recursion performance
The interactive performance “Recursion” created by Kuflex in collaboration with dance artist Julia Arsen and composer Leksha Yankov.
This was the main event of the opening of the international festival EverArt Weekend in the GUM Gallery Red Line with an online broadcast in Twitch.
Performance Scenario:
The performer travels across parallel universes as levels of a game in search of a way beyond reality. Here she comes out of her reality, but falls into another, and so on, as if they were nested into each other, like an endless cyber-matryoshka. Let's see if she can find a way out of this recursion.
General description and idea:
Is it possible to break beyond digital reality controlled by invisible algorithms? 
Plastic performance took place in the GUM Gallery Red Line. The performer’s improvisation was captured by depth cameras, and her digital avatar was continuously transferring into the virtual Kusmos scene. Viewers in the gallery were watching live dance and the virtual show on the screens. Online viewers on the Twitch platform watched the virtual performance and could release the audiovisual objects by putting numbers in the chat window, and the performer could interact with that objects. As a result, the performance turned into a synthetic show in mixed reality.
Kusmos Live: Recursion performance