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    This is my final project of Advance Photography Course.
Anton Giulio Bragaglia (February 11, 1890 – July 15, 1960) was a pioneer in Italian Futurist photography and Futurist cinema.
As all Futurists, Bragaglia had passion for movement and motion and he implemented this concept in his pictures.
No doubts a pioneer for the time.
Some photos created by Bragaglia:
The asignment for my final project of the advance photography course was to choose a recognized photographer  and make a version as accurate as possible of one of his works.
I chose the following:
After many tries with my Olympus SP-500 digital camera, the picture that I selected as the best is this one:
Like an extra project I had to take a new pictures keeping the concept.
The results of this final assignment are this three photos of the movement of the hands playing differents songs in a piano.
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