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Design of Analgesic applicator for newborn

_ Analgesic applicator for newborn

This Project surges based on the experience of people who have had their newborn (premature) relatives hospitalized: a difficult experience that originates uncertainty, despair and pain. Quality in medical attention is of vital importance for the posterior life stages of this little human being; the most premature the baby is, the less prepared his/her organism is for facing the world.

Medical staff lives in a daily basis the experience of witnessing how these babies experience pain when they undergo minimally invasive procedures (blood collection, peripheral vein catheterization).This is due, mainly, to the limited options there are for pain management that don’t present adverse side effects in newborns.

Newborns (full-term and preterm) that require to be admitted to hospital are generally catheterized when they enter the area that corresponds to their pathology; during said admittance it is necessary to collect blood samples, either for complementing their diagnosis or to follow up their pathology (disease).
These procedures cause intense pain which is manifested through crying, increasing of the heart rate and the release of neurotransmitters. In the full-term and preterm newborn some inhibitory mechanisms are still immature, which can cause the neonate to present exaggerated physiological and hormonal responses to painful stimuli. This leads to medium-term and long-term consequences.
Blood collections depend on the base pathology. Laboratory follow ups are requested every 24 to 72 hours approximately.
_ Glucose solution

For managing pain during these procedures, the analgesic effect of suctioning glucose solution at 25% has been investigated. Being an effective option to diminish the intensity of the painful stimuli generated by the minimally invasive procedures, the glucose solution at 25% has no adverse side effects, is non-invasive and highly effective.
It is administered orally by suction during the procedure, generating an analgesic effect mediated by the release of endogenous opioids, such as beta-Endorphins.

_ Current situation

• There is no solution at 25% available for its administration. 
• There is no adequate device for its administration.
• The preparation of the necessary dissolution requires time and there is the risk of contaminating the available solutions.
• When the solution is being administered, syringes and sterile gauzes with different concentrations of it are used, which impedes the effect to be the desired one for the patient
Ideation process
_ Innovation

The approach to newborn pain needs, undoubtedly, the achievement of many previous requirements: an appropriate management in the diminishing of painful stimuli produced by medical professionals, the priorization of preventive measures and the integration of families in said measures.
To generate a product that solves the medical staff needs regarding pain management in newborns; an effective and innocuous product that is easy to use, accessible and that diminishes pain-associated stress in neonates undergoing venipuncture procedures.

The design of this device contemplates that it can be used either by medical staff or by the relatives of the newborn, achieving the involvement of the family, which allows the neonate to feel the presence of the human being that cares for him/her, strengthening links; what is intended to be generated is a calming and relieving experience.

The device contains the glucose solution at 25%, sterile, and the ideal volume of 5 ml. This will provide the possibility of administrating a non-invasive analgesic to premature babies, newborns and young infants by a natural body reflex of all babies: suction. 

The concept is clear:

 A safe device that is as equally as efficient as anesthesia, simple and intuitive, that doesn’t hinder medical procedures

_ The vial applicator

The device is formed by 4 pieces: a vial, a screw ring, a nipple and a cover; it can be recharged with new vials once they have been used. The design of the nipple seeks to provide, along with the glucose solution, a full experience for achieving the analgesic effect by suction. ​​​​​​​
_Device objectives:

• The device and vials with glucose solution at 25% are previously obtained from the laboratory.
• The vial contains the needed amount for its analgesic effect (5ml). 
• The solution is kept completely sterile, preventing its contamination.
• Easy administration and handling
15 million births of less than 37 weeks’ gestational age worldwide.
_Packaging objectives:

•Having a kit ready with the needed vials.
•The applicator and vials remain safe.
•The packaging protects the content, avoiding damages prior to its use.
The vial applicator of glucose solution at 25% achieves to avoid pain and anxiety during venipuncture procedures. 
The availability of the device gives health professionals the opportunity to offer a safe and effective method for managing pain in premature babies and newborns.
Video for "Premio Nacional: Diseña México 2018"  Awarded project
Design of Analgesic applicator for newborn


Design of Analgesic applicator for newborn

This Project surges based on the experience of people who have had their newborn (premature) relatives hospitalized: a difficult experience that Read More