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Alice Liddell Memories


Good reasons can make you do terrible things Alice.
Everything is a matter of perspective.
What do you remember?
Why did you do it?

Don't get mad but I'm starting to think that you will never learn...


After her sister and parents perished in a fire set by the family doctor, Alice found her inner strength to uncover the truth and take revenge.
But as she is an orphan and a doctor killer now, institutions still see her as a threat to be cured.
Filled with pills, Alice is lost again. Her beliefs are changing, turning good reasons into horrible situations.


Explore her garden of solitude, where keys don't find their keyhole anymore.
Align some of ther memories and find all the secrets.
Search for hidden doors and higher grounds.
Afterall, everything is a matter of perspective.


LIDDELL MEMORIES is a map created in Core Games for Through the Looking Glass Environment Art Contest launched by Manticore and American McGee in May 2020.
I created the map in 3 weeks with 0 knowledge in level design. You can play it for free in Core Games: Liddell Memories.​​​​​​​
I won the 3rd place.


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Alice Liddell Memories