WEBSITE: Fashion Gone Rogue
A redesign of one of the top hottest leads on fashion photography and updates
This was a semester-long website project redesign for my FA172.3 Web Design Class. We were tasked to pick any website we would want to redesign and code (front-end only). I chose to recreate one of my favorite go-to websites for fashion photography and updates, Fashion Gone Rogue.
I wanted to redesign the website in such a way that would bring out its being a fashion-related website. I created a logotype for the website that I believe would better suit it. I also used classy and earthy colors that would bring out its character without overdoing it. 
These are only mock-up screenshots of the website, and was done for the sole purpose of a school project. All photos were taken from Fashion Gone Rogue. You may visit their existing website here!
Fashion Gone Rogue Homepage
Fashion Gone Rogue Article Layout
Original article can be found here
Fashion Gone Rogue Sign Up Form
Fashion Gone Rogue Subscription Page