The Analog Journey
Analog Travel Photography from India and Egypt
The reason why these photographs happened is a very simple one:
My DSLR broke during my travels through Asia and I was glad that I had brought my old Pentax with lenses. Even though it was hard to find black & white and chrome films, I finally found most of them in Leh, a city in North-west Indian Himalaya.

When I gave the film rolls in Cairo to a developing service I was extremely pissed when I got back the negatives with big scratches, waterprops and somehow a very strong grain that I never experienced with this camera ( I shot on regular Ilford film ).

Anyways, after a while I started to like the shitty quality and wanted to scan the original negatives to have them in higher resolution than what I got from the delevoping service. Three scanners later I must say, they are either jinxed or have just such a bad quality, that negative scanners don't recognize them as negatives.

At least I have them in screen size.