Custom Toasterboy Project ( Collaboration with Toysrevil - Singapore Toy Blog )
This project is a collaboration between Mongartoys and TRE/ ToysREvil ( Singapore toy blog ).
The story :
The day the Earth fell to the unnamed Alien Invaders and the Zombie Plague unleashed by them, the human race hide amongst the mountains of the world. And with the armies of man perished in the war, and manpower dwindling, the remaining mortals had only one chance to continue the fight - they turn to their scientists to reanimate the zombie-undead by fusing them unto walking-exo-machines! And now the cyborg MECHA ZOMBIE TOASTERBOY ARMY fights for mankind!
This Mecha Zombie is blind box art toys, so the collector can't know what they got, that the fun part :).
Limited to only 10 + 1 hand-made and hand-painted resin figures, the 3.5" tall half-mecha-half-zombie creation features a single slice of non-edible moldy toast (removable) and loose wires (non-removable, please do not pull) and articulation in both arms - who are attached to the body via magnets.
Each MechaZombie is numbered #01 to #10, with "00" being the "chase" edition - the figure shown in images here, with the skull-n-crossbones - and each figure will feature different icons as well.
Also inclusive in this set, is an embroidered fabric patch with designed logo! I had wanted a toy+owner connection/cohesion and with the patch, YOU too fight alongside your MechaZombie on the battlefields! The numbering on the patch matches the number on the MechaZombie!

The entire set is housed with a hand-made cardboard box (which In turn will be packaged within a mailing box - What? You think I was gonna wrap some brown-paper around it and slap some stamps on?).

The figure is signed at the bottom of the feet by artist Erwin The Mongar of Mongar Toys.
- Patch design process :
- Sketching process :
- Sculpting process :
- Painting process :
- Finish product :