LACK magazine / 2011
LACK magazine
fashion, beauty, photo
New Hungarian fashion magazine cover design and cover bag idea and insight design, graphic design, and typography.
I wanted to design a new progressive cover concept. By my opinion, most of the fashion magazines are boring, there’s always a photo and a name on it, but I wanted a more progressive and lively solution. I observed many times how the women hold the magazines in their hands and how often they get in inconvenient situations because they can’t hold the magazines in a more comfortable way. Furthermore, I noticed that moving people potentially represent the best commercial. This was the base of my idea to create a cover which resembles to a handbag. Women walk with it around more easily and it works like a live commercial. I’ve also placed the LACK logo according to this. The cover does not only resemble to a handbag by its shape, but also, every further issue will appear with a cloth sample, so the material would look similar too.
Cover like a bag.
Cover photo by Orsolya Hajas.
The 1st page illustration by Mihaly Szuharevszky.
The magazine identity in HERE.

The magazine's typographic compositions in HERE.
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LACK magazine / 2011