Wilde Boer was a team project we as 2nd year's at Touchvision Training did together. 

My roles on Wilde Boer 
    - Director
    - Asset Manager
    - Production Coordinator

Produced and Directed
Touchvision Training

Erik van der Walt

Pre-Production Lead
Casper van Heerden

Character Lead
Reonie Bothma

Rigging Lead
Dexter Schenk

Texture Lead
Hein Schultz

Animation Lead
Louis Rossouw

Props Lead
Travis Schofield

Render, Lights and Compositing
Roger Wellard

All Rounders
Dumisani Masilela
Shaafik Nordien
Alexander Savvas
Dimitri Zachos

Special Thanks
Wynand Lens
Darryn Posen

Cape Audio College
Gerrie Bosman
Oliver Saggerson
Tamaryn Mostert