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    PR poster (outdoor advertising) for Vizkultura - an online Croatian journal for 'building of visual culture'.
Vizkultura (Croatian slang for visual culture) is a brand new (only four months old in July 2013) web journal devoted to the 'building' of its core audience's visual culture. There you can read news, essays and articles about regional and international visual arts, design, photography, architecture and public space, etc, as well as the interviews with artists, designers, photographers, writers and other creative thinkers (I published a few articles so far myself, too). Vizkultura's central advertising campaign is ON at the moment, and it's called PLAKATIRANJE ('Posterizing') - each week some more or less known local designer and/or illustrator is asked to create original poster for the website, articulating his or her view on some aspect of domestic (visual) culture. The posters are regularly distributed around the city of Zagreb and have caused certain impact on the passengers, whether positive or negative.
About my poster: Žbrljotina (meaningless world representing a pile of shit) - A designed scenery of every urban space, as well as Zagreb, is overprotected with rational, neat, intelligent, profitable and unbelievably boring visuals. The city is overpopulated with sunburned and zombie-like boys and girls, moms and dads, grannies and grandads, dressed in casual clothes, hot cars and cheap metaphors. In short - daydreaming and pickpocketing your empty wallets, drunk on crisis. 'Žbrljotina', here featured, does not think it's as good as good food or fresh as morning papers, but at least it represents nothing - it's on you to decide what will it become. Sweet dreams!

Down here you can find initial sketches that made the poster. The technique is 'Rorschach' blots, made using colored ink.