Neos - Enclosed Motorbike and Modular Sidecar System
An Enclosed Motorbike & Modular Side Car System for the 21st century
To develop an innovative solution I needed to create an industrial and automotive design process to tackle all objectives. The first stage of this process involved extensive research into the initial designs of the motorbike and sidecar. Discovering what had been done in the past and how it did or didn’t work. From there I continued through the cultural trends associated with motorbikes, how they create an emotional attachment and desire, sale trends of motorbikes and the global market, key safety features, personal protective equipment and finally developing electric motor technology that will be with us sooner than we think.

The second stage in the process involved activities like brainstorming, body storming, market exploration, bench marking, product interaction and user scenario building that then lead to package exploration and concept development. Finally design refinement and the creation of a 1:5 scale of a visual prototype. 
The system comprises of 3 components:
 -    Single occupant enclosed motorbike 
 -    Sidecar and storage modular attachment
 -    Docking station for sidecar pod

The final design outcome was the introduction of a new dimension for the motorbike genre, an enclosed motorbike and modular sidecar system named the Neos. Neos, meaning young, new and youthful, is an enclosed motorbike that maintains the thrill factor and aggressive driving features of a traditional motorbike by allowing the unit to lean in and out of corners without compromising the safety.  The driver is completely surrounded by a safety cell and airbag deployment system, therefore reducing the need for personal protective equipment. 

The single occupant enclosed motorbike is ideal for your daily work commute or a thrilling weekend drive. With similar motorbike dimensions the Neos reduces road congestion, making ease of the busy “hustle & bustle” of daily traffic. The system allows versatility to meet a wide range of user’s lifestyles and needs. Using the latest in a electronic 3-phase AC induction motor and hi-energy lithium-ion battery technology, as well as having a great power to weight ratio, the ‘Neos’ delivers a thrilling high performance and economical answer. The enclosed canopy protects users from the elements when needed but can be detached to feel the wind in ones hair. 

The modular sidecar system is a pod attachment that can be easily attached to the main unit using the docking station for when an extra seat and storage as needed. This enhances the users experience by sharing it with friend’s, family and work colleagues.
External features include:
-    LED and Xenon Lights
-    Vehicle detection senses
-    Reverse and side mirror cameras
-    Front and rear Indicators
-    LED Lock and un-lock indicator
-    Rotating polycarbonate driver canopy that can also be detached
-    Electric Power input for recharging
-    Wheel guards
-    Unit Shell comprises of high impact ABS Plastic and Carbon Fibre
-    Brembo radial mounted forged 4 piston callipers
-    Powered by Liquid cooled 3 phase AC induction motor  with a range of 260km fully charged and with a recharge time of Under 2 hours @ 240v
-    Light weight aluminium or magnesium front and rear wheels     (6” x 19”) & (9” x 21”) respectively

Internal Features include:
-    A large and small storage compartment  Large approx 40 ltrs
 – overnight bag or brief case Small – Sunglass, purse wallet, phone etc
.-    Leather pads for knee and elbow comfort
-    2 x Colour heads up display dials  Power, range(kms) and Percentage Speed
-    Colour touch screen display with automatic mobile phone sync
-    Radio and MP3 capabilities
-    GPS Feature
-     Side mirror and reverse camera viewing
-    Internal speakers and microphone for hands free mobile access along with interaction with sidecar user
-    Windscreen Vehicle projection for lane change warnings
-    Push start button synced with ‘neos’ key
-    Joystick controls 

Sidecar and storage component features 
External features include:
-    Extra surrounding vehicle senses
-    Rear indicators and rear brake light
-    Front LED light
-    Rotating and detachable polycarbonate canopy
-    Extra large storage compartment for up to 80ltrs.  Approx 2 overnight bags
-    Opening Door/canopy
-    Main shell is comprised of high impact ABS and carbon fibre

Internal features include:
-    Leather seat
-    Seat belt
-    Speakers and microphone to converse with driver and listen to music
-    Handle  to assist with entry    

Safety Features include 
-    A complete Light weight aluminum roll cage/safety cell for driver
-    A fully enclosed shell for both driver and sidecar occupant
-    Side curtain airbags and driver front airbag
-    Side curtain airbags for sidecar pod
-    ABS
-    ESC
-    Traction control
-    Reversing and side mirror cameras
-    Surrounding vehicle senses
-    Leather padding for knees and elbow
Neos - Enclosed Motorbike and Modular Sidecar System

Neos - Enclosed Motorbike and Modular Sidecar System

An Enclosed Motorbike and Modular Sidecar System for the 21st century. A safer way to ride.


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