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    This project is about erasing information by censuring (black book) and offering new possibilities of information (white book).
This project presents a informative-free meditation space through approximately 110 hand painted pages, each magazine. The Black Book is purely a censorship while the White Book offers the possibility of reinvention/new information through censorship. Ai Wei Wei, Xu Bing and Zeng Xiaojun´s Black Cover Book (1994), White Cover Book (1995) and finally, Grey Cover Book (1997) were underground publications that communicated art conceptually and literally. Three thousand copies of each book were quickly spreading through China without any official system of distribution in a climate of government censorship and a near total lack of access to foreign art books, exhibition catalogues, and art magazines. Black Book / White Book is an opposite process which instead of providing information, this one is erased in an era of overexposure to information.
Censorship of information (Black Book) 
Possility of reinvention (White Book)