The Home Depot
CRM Program
Made By You Creative Manifesto: Now is the time for more doing. Action is eloquence when your hard work results in a spontaneous moment of living. There is an opportunity for joy in every corner of your home. The pride of sharing your accomplishments is only one weekend project away. This program puts you in control with local know-how, services, community and value in every step of the process. Give you control is the first step of the process. Giving you control is putting you first. So whether your a novice or a pro; whether the task is pure enjoyment or a necessary chore the result is the same - pride in a project Made By You!
Program Design & Typography
This iPhone Application was made as a part of a larger CRM program called "Made by You". By simply answering the question "What would you like to do today?" This mobile app coaches you through any do it yourself project while arming you with all the right tools for pick up at your local Home Depot. 
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