This April (2013), I was asked by "Aromapoco" (Australian company that makes products for infants, toddlers and new mummy’s from natural ingredients / to create a character for antibacterial spray product.
Aromapoco is a little owl!  He was specifically created to provide a voice to children through his wisdom and courage. Aromapoco is young as he is intelligent, he sits safely in his beautiful Australian Eucalyptus tree.  He is always watching over and protecting children! From his tree of healing, Aromapoco provides advice to children through their loved ones. Children know they are not alone! Aromapoco the Little Owl is our hero. He is a stunning little character with a big personality, full of wisdom and a symbol of protection.
here you can find the product and all information about the process:
Aromapoco - The Little Owl
Aromapoco - The Little Owl and Eucalyptus leaves
Aromapoco - The Little Owl and Eucalyptus leaves
Eucalyptus leaves
Boxes design of Antibacterial Spray
Germs Be Gone - Antibacterial Spray 100ml