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    Exploring the idea of obsolescence through the lens of ancient history.
Rosetta Stone looks at how, unlike tablets of history, our modern tablets have little chance of surviving into the future. What possible message could be transmitted through a tablet when the battery is exhausted and the screen is black. As I ironically honor the iPad 1 as the world-changing device Apple would like you to believe, in reality is already becoming outdated. Just wait until iPad 4, the first might as well be made of stone.
Rosetta Stone
Limestone, graphite, steel
9.56″ × 7.47″ × 0.75"
I scanned the screen of an iPad 1 while displaying CNN's home page for that day in early December. I used that image to hand-cut a rubber stencil through which I sandblasted into the stone. I used a wash of graphite powder for contrast.