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    A 10'x20' low relief mural.
Integrated Structures was a project born of frustration and challenge. I was building a 10' x 20' wall for a new critique space in the sculpture studio. As I completed the project, I began to realize just how much infrastructure and time goes into supporting a smooth, thin layer of paint (0.0000039" thick). The imbalance sparked the idea of how each of us rarely give a moment's thought to the work that supports our daily conveninces. 

I imagined that one of the greatest distances between such massive infrastructure and its relatively insignificant patron is that of a person whose only company is the glow of a computer screen animated by the Internet.

I projected my design onto the newly built wall and traced it in graphite. I then used painter's tape to make off the boundaries , through which I pulled a thin layer of drywall joint compound. Once the tape was pulled and the joint compound dried, I would sand it to blend the various layers to be a uniform thickness (about 3/32").

I enjoyed the challenge of creating a large mural of illusionary space with two-point perspective in the form of relief sculpture; extremely low relief. The documentation does not do the final image justice as it was difficult to photograph a 20' wall from only 8' away, along with the harsh under-lighting necessary for the cast shadow image to exist. As with many graduate school experiments, this work no longer exists. Since I created the mural on a communal critique wall, I sanded the work clean off the wall two days after my critique.
Integrated Structures in process.
Completed Integrated Structures mural.