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Clickminded's Digital Marketing Strategy Guide's Ditgital Marketing Strategy Guide is a friendly introduction to everything that's related to Online Marketing such as Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, SEO Optimization, etc.

It's presented as a series of "Game Guides" inspired by 90's Nintendo Power magazines game walktroughs.

Is free to read and also has a PDF downloadable version, you can check it out here:

At the moment I made this, It was a pretty transformative experience for me, you can read all the story about it here:
The project

For this guide we faced each marketing theme like a separated "Game Guide" and the whole of it as an Ultimate Game Guide Compilation.

For each subject a visual theme, character, color combination and motive was developed, all with the intention of giving every theme the look and feel of a different game or level.
To illustrate the different sections of every subject, pixel art pieces were made to resemble "screenshots" in the guides
Then, icon sets were made to help the web navigation and the header identifications.
Finally, many collaborators and sources were cited, pixel avatars were made for them!
The final result was also compiled in a print-friendly book format
Wanna see some sketches?

Here's a sneak peek of the rough start
Thank you for checking out this project!

You can keep up with with more of my work or get in touch with me at:
Bye Bye!
Clickminded's Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

Clickminded's Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

Clickminded's Digital Marketing Strategy Guide is an collection of illustrated content to explain themes of digital marketing techniques and them Read More