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Sample pages of a book chapter
The centenary of the Portuguese Republic in 2010 brought many events and projects to mark 100 years of generations committed to great causes for the development of the country. 
One of the icons of this regime, which still characterizes us, is the current national flag that identify us as a people and nation. Based on this symbol and in the idea of planning for the future the Republican ethic because of the challenges that Portuguese society is currently faced, this project emerged. 
With a great symbolic and geometric value, the Portuguese flag was the basis and inspiration for studies and constructions at geometric, mathematical, economic, social, political and symbolic levels. Thus was created a publication anchored in the history of Portugal since prehistoric times and based on elements of the National Flag, in order to provide new ideas and projects.
The examples of pages presented integrate one of the chapters developed in this project, which explores the relationship between Music and the Flag, Culture and History of Portugal.