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Grow it yourself helmet

Getting kids involved in the making of products they use is a great way to connect and give them a rewarding experience once they finished. Using organic materials that they can see grow is a better way to teach them about the importance of sustainability. 

We have developed a helmet that can be made out of hay and Mycelium. It is 100% compostable, breathable and impact resistant.The helmet reduces the use of plastics in a product that will be disposed of in a short time due to the child's growth rate.

To develop this idea we partnered with Polybion, a company that developed Fungicel, a patent that uses Mycelium. A fungus that develops like a foam. Offering cushioning at the time of an impact.
Grow it Yourself Helmet  |   Polybion   | 2019

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Grow it yourself helmet

Grow it yourself helmet