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Minimal Bestiary
Since the beginning of the pandemic, the creative community around the world, quickly reacted individually and collectively, generating videos, illustrations, songs, poems, choreographies, improvisations and many other works that allowed each person to communicate their feelings, connect with others, or simply occupy the great time at home that they had never conceived. The confinement and social isolation derived from the quarantine provoked in me a feeling of loneliness. For this reason, I present now the next project developed in that context.

To pass the time and counteract my loneliness, I created several wooden friends (in Cinema4D) that despite being very geometric and minimalist, I consider them very talkative and laughing. Marie Antoinette is an elegant sheep keeper who drinks tea every morning with her loyal and paunchy friend Donut. They like to see people go by, and there is no day that Worm Horse, even if he is always in a hurry, will greet them and show them a new magic trick with her curious hat. Mr. Robles lives inside a barrel, and together with the Conóstenes cone, they plan the best bank robberies in the region. Tanizaki is a ninja boy, and Sandy is her watermelon-faced friend. Momo, Tate, Oz, Chromosome and Podium are also other good friends who occasionally visit.

I want to point out that this project is strongly inspired by the wonderful work of the enormous artist and human being Isidro Ferrer. Thanks for watching!
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Francisco Cortés