fiscortes STUDIO
Minimal Bestiary
Since the pandemic's onset, the global creative community swiftly responded, individually and collectively, through videos, illustrations, songs, poems, choreographies, improvisations, and more. These works allowed people to express their emotions, connect with others, and fill the newfound time spent at home. The confinement and social isolation of quarantine triggered a sense of loneliness within me. As a result, I present my latest project, developed in this context.

To combat my solitude and pass the time, I created a group of wooden friends (in Cinema4D). Despite their geometric and minimalist appearance, I find them incredibly lively and cheerful. Marie Antoinette, an elegant shepherdess, enjoys morning tea with her loyal and plump companion, Donut. They delight in observing passersby, and even Worm Horse, always in a rush, never fails to greet them and share a new magic trick with his curious hat. Mr. Robles resides inside a barrel, and together with Conóstenes, a cone, they plot the most daring bank heists in the region. Tanizaki is a ninja boy, and Sandy, with a watermelon face, is her trusty sidekick. Momo, Tate, Oz, Chromosome, and Podium are also dear friends who occasionally drop by for a visit.

I would like to emphasize that this project draws significant inspiration from the exceptional work of the immensely talented artist and remarkable human being, Isidro Ferrer. Thank you for taking the time to explore it!