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    Rebranding for previously known seafood seasoning, Old Bay, as an everything and anything seasoning.
Art Director: Lauren Danford
Copywriter: Emmy Lubitz
Problem: Many people think Old Bay is a seasoning for seafood only.
Insight: Old Bay is a staple in Maryland and is used as a spice on just about anything.
Idea: People from Maryland have a distinct accent they are proud of - this gave an opportunity to update the brand.
New Logo Design:
For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, this is its current packaging. It is known to many as "THE Yellow Tin" so we did not want to change the look altogether, but rather just update it.
New Package Design:
Coasters: (front)
Desktop Widget:
If you are on a smart device, please scroll down to see the progression.
Lastly, a recipe book could be ordered once purchasing a new can to learn how it is not just a seafood seasoning.