Role : VFX artist all-rounder
Project : Dead Life
Softwares : After Effects Cs3 , Softimage 2011 , NukeX 6.0 ,
footage and original concepts by  Alexander Boyadjiev and Ben Mc Kinnon.​

From september 2011 to april 2013 I helped some ( ...) people met through an online ad. to finish an indie short vfx movie called Dead Life. 
live and learn.
On more than 100 shots my tasks were
- Making all the preproduction part by regrouping random artworks done in the past and make it consistent 
- Matte Painting and multiples set extensions
- Compositing (Roto , tracking, color correction, grading..)
- FX effects (2D and 3D)
- Creating a minimum of organization - Self coordination
- Ensuring cohesiveness and reinforce the visual identity
VFX Breakdown
Still Frames
Some printscreens from my desktop