Much more than an ID

WestL Bank Poland asked us to create a brand new banking institution. One with definitely business look but also with a familiar feel. From the very begging of the creative process, that included naming and brand philosophy, we got into modernism and modern look of an early 50s design. Clean lines, solid colors, symmetry. We wanted to make this id an emanation of less is more notion.

Art Direction: Łukasz Słotwiński, Bartek Walczuk
Name & claim: Mariusz Joński, Łukasz Słotwiński
Logo Design: Bartek Walczuk
Identification Design: Łukasz Słotwiński
Grids, proportions and stuff: Paweł Marcinkowski
Identity book design: Łukasz Słotwiński

made in Young & Rubicam | Warsaw | 2010