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Illustrations 2009 ~ 2012
2012. Haiku Series
Featuring selected work from The Samurai Cowboy + Yummy Panda Show.
Phinney Center Gallery, PhinneyWood ArtWalk in Seattle.
is the dawn, too,
still embraced by
hazy moon?
— Shirai Chosui
winter sun
frozen on horseback
is my shadow
— Kobayashi Issa
spring passes—
the last reluctant
cherry blossoms
— Yosa Buson
heat in waves—
in the stones
angry reverberations
— Kato Kyotai
a kite
in the same place
in yesterday‘s sky
— Yosa Buson
octopus pot—
evanescent dreams
of the summer moon
— Masuo Basho
misty grasses—
water without voices
in the dusk
— Yosa Buson
in the river alone
darkness is slowing—
the fire flies
— Chiyo-ni
trampling on clouds
inhaling the mist
the skylark soars
— Masaoka Shiki
2011. Selected work from PhinneyWood ArtWalk in Seattle.
Raining Koi.
Lost Words.
Pretend Summer.
4  is for all the awesome printers in Seattle.
5  is not always glamorous.
8  is octopulous spectacula.
9  is more than a foxy trickster.
anglerfish cheers // 2010 holiday desktop cheers
cctopulous // 2010 holiday desktop cheers
Happy Holidays 2009
Teru Teru Bozu Blues
Illustrations 2009 ~ 2012

Illustrations 2009 ~ 2012

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