• What's Inside? 
    Presonal project 2009-2013
  • Brosmind’s What’s Inside? was our first personal project and the one which has taken us longest to complete. Although it began to take shape shortly after the founding of Brosmind, its production ended up taking years since we did it gradually during the little spare time we had. This makes the material comprising it an unplanned chronicle of the development of the studio over time.
    It was an unrushed job, almost craftwork, in clear contrast with the frenzied advertising work we were doing at the time. Such was the care with which we carried out the project, that we came to idealize its completion. So when we were offered an exhibition space to present it, we found ourselves incapable of finishing it and generated another completely new project to get by with, such as the Brosmind Army or the Brosmind RV pedal car.
    Attracted by the idea of exploring new formats beyond two dimensions, the project was completed with a series of photographs and a sculpture ( SEE UNICORN PROJECT).