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    Drunk Dial the Devil!
I always enjoy working with Karvt on trying to figure out new ideas and new ways to explore different ideas.  This time was no different as we did prep for a Gallery Show in Toronto.  I decided I wanted to do a layer goat engraving that consisted of 3 pieces.  If time permitted I would of shot for more layers, but good enough for the time being.  I also developed a Ouija board to co-exist with the goat just to add that extra ounce of evil.  During the process, both Karvt & I decided that making a Ouija Iphone5 case with a mini Planchette would be epic.  Who wouldn't want to drunk dial some demons and some cranky old person trying to enjoy their dirt nap.  Thus we made it so.
If you want one of the Iphone cases, we did a very limited set up of them up at Karvt (click products page).  
However, *WARNING: I take no responsiblity in Demon Possessions, Hauntings, Alien Abductions, or Cults follwing you.