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    renovation of storages for greek public bus transportation
Storages for public transportation - design proposal and construction
The store belongs to the public bus transportation.
The projectis is about renovating the place where all the parcels are being kept.
The place was in bad condition and the goal was to restore it in order to look more attracting to the client who visits the plase. In order to do so, we decided to start with the facades and 'dress' them as if they are actual parcels. More than that we place the desk of the employee there where it also works as a reception desk and we create a public space in front where the parcels can be left by the client and a private space in the back where they can be stored by the employee and kept safe. The only openings kept are two big openings in the front side, so that the employee can check when the buses come, and an opening in the back in order to take in and out the big parcels.
previous condition
proposal - exterior view 1
proposal - exterior view 2
proposal - interior axonometric
proposal - interior view
exterior view
interior view