Love you
3d motion graphics
Project made in cinema 4d. Model of a heart using a sphere deformed with tapper and FFD cage with symetry. Child to a hyper nurbs with 3 step segmentation. 

Particle emitter with parenting a sphere with size increment.

Rigid body dynamics. Heart with STATIC MESH. 

Heart with transparent reflective fresnel material. Particles simple fresnel red reflectivity. 

Studio rig illumination. 

Three render camera views plus animated camera with dolly in and out.

Mograhp text with fillet caps 3 steps applying C1 selective layer texturizing with two different materials.

Render 640x360 HDTV 16:9. Anti alising animation best at 1x2. Casting soft shadows and ambient occlusions in details.

Note: mp4 compression for this broadcast.

Music: Slow bicycle-Mum

Avid media composer editing.

AE color curves correction.