During the final year of my studies, I was asked to create a logo and a poster for a fictional world cup, that would take place in my country of choice.

For the completion of the project, I chose Tanzania as the host for the 2018 Fifa World Cup.
Tanzania is a wonderful country, with amazing landscapes, full of wildlife (with at-least 5 wildlife parks), and home country - along with Kenya - of the Maasai tribe.

The final logo is inspired by a beaded necklace of a Maasai warrior, which I came across while researching.

The colours selected for the logo, are commonly used for Maasai beadings, and also symbolize the warmth of this so vividly coloured, beautiful country, and its breathtaking coastlines.
Created for AKTO College, 2010-2011

Class: Visual Communication
Y.O.S: 4th (BA Hons)
Professor: Charis Tsevis