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Architectural situations in a 10x10x10 cm space
Consultants: Zsolt Vasáros, DLA - Szabolcs Helfrich - Gábor Szelei
"Spacecomposition is the first semester’s creative practice course at BME. The aims of the course is to introduce to the students the basics of composing architectural spaces through creative exercises and creating handmade models which proves to unleash and develop hidden creativity. In the process of solving abstract exercises and by differential evaluation the students get to know the nature and possibilities hidden in spacemaking and are confronted with the effect of their design to people and the environment. The acquired knowledge lays a foundation of architectural thinking for later projects. The course is taught at the first semester, which means it is the first contact with architectural design for many of the students. The sessions take place in 10 groups of 18-25 people each led by a leading tutor and 2 or 3 correctors. The duration of the projects is 1 to 2 weeks each."
Based on the annotation of the course by BME Department of Public Building Design