1 Star to 5 Star: Koi Koi Sushi & Rolls

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  • Using only 2 typefaces, 2 colors, 70% typography, 30% illustration, and no photography, my objective was to selected a poorly designed menu and give it into a fancy 5 star restaurant. I chose Koi Koi Sushi & Rolls because it was dominantly photo-driven, making the menu difficult to read.

    For the colors, I decided to choose salmon orange to appeal to salmon sashimi as the main color. I chose pair it with black for the ease of legibility and because it tones down the menu so that it is not too vibrant from the salmon color. For the fonts, I chose Fertigo Pro Regular for its elegance and peaceful appeal--a quality suitable for a Japanese restaurant and pair it with Avenir.

    Credits for Fertigo Pro Regular and Avenir go to their respective owners. You can get Fertigo here: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Fertigo-Pro
  • Cover
  • A content page for sushi combination, special sashimi, sashimi platter, and donburi.
  • A content page for fried rice and onigiri.
  • Front, back, and inside fold of the quarter fold takeout menu.
  • Inside fold of the quarter fold takeout menu.