065 - Cheetah Illustration

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  • Everyonce in a while I do a little start to finish of a illustration on Instagram (hydrosevenfour) to show my process on a illustration.  It's nothing magical, but more to show what I do to start to finish.  Not every illustration is done this same way and yes, eventually I'll create a time-lapse, but this should give you a rough idea.
    Software used:
    Sketchbook Pro - on a Samsung ATIV tablet
    Illustrator CS3 - 4-5 have glitches I don't care for
    I start with a simple late night sketch while enjoying a beer or 5.  Once done I drop it into illustrator and just use the Pen Tool and a mouse to do the rest.  I get more control over using a mouse for lines than using a wacom & brushes because i find you start to be a slave to the brushes rather than creating unique thickness for each line by using the pen tool.
    The rest is pretty straight forward.