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  • "Sustainable" - the term comes from the Latin Sustentare (sustain , defend , promote , support , retain , take care). Concern for the future , in doing TODAY and TOMORROW to be a better day .
    Following the principles of Xerox , giving the best that there is to the client so that we are a whole to defend the planet , created a post of Happy Holidays to follow the same standards , leading once again those who work with us through some care, and personal responsibility .
    This concept is born in the postal wrapping format. It is intended to convey a closer relationship with the receiver , as if it were a real gift . The client will also esteemed and valued by the Company , to feel that this way of acting is an integral part of their own Christmas.
    The delicacy of the ribbon wrapping itself also symbolizes a greater sense of responsibility to the next . The material used for the post - recycled paper - is in unison with the sustainable objectives of the company Xerox, so once again reinforcing the message.