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  • Publication of <Your Stories>

    Imagine when you are getting old and looking back into our life. Are you
    satisfied with your life? Will you feel regretful for something?
    It is always say older people have more wisdom of life with more experiences
    and wise. Therefore, in previous months, I had focus on documenting
    the experiences of older people, recording their stories and feel
    of time and age, hoping to share their views and stories to you. I have a
    deep talk with 6 older people in St. Monica House, an urban retirement
    apartment, Ben Barker, a volunteer community activist, and Patricia,
    who is activate in ChristChurch Clifton. They have shared their stories
    of childhood, previous jobs, war and family. Let’s see how they live
    their life happily and think about how do you find your life.
  • <Time x Age> - Sep2012 - May2013
    Self-directed Study as a graphic design student in UWE, Bristol

    This is a final-year project as a graphic design student in UWE, Bristol. The aim of my project is to encourage people to treasure their time by studying the relationship between time and age. People always say older
    people may experience more in their life and have a stronger feeling of time, such as the changes of city,
    culture and lifestyle in the process of aging. Therefore, I want to focus on documenting the experiences and
    stories of older people and find out how people of different ages think of time and age. In response to
    ageing, I aim to collect people’s feeling of time and age, and use “photos” as a medium to relate the
    changes of time. It helps to remind people that time is invisible and allows them to reflect on their own life by
    understanding more about old people’s feelings and stories.
    Laser-cut Box-set with following works
    Posters of etching works on eye
    Publication of etching works on eyes telling time and age
    Publication of Story of older people <Your Story>
    Publication of Process of etching <Process of etching>
    Video of process of etching
    Video of street interview in Bath
    Video of street interview in different cities, London, Brighton, Bristol and Bath
    Video of formal interview with older people in St Monica's House