Stream of Consciousness

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  • Stream of Consciousness illustration
    Tutorial video for Massive Black.

    2 hours, French with English subtitles.
    2 parts : drawing and digital painting.
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  • Special Thanks to :

    Aaron for making the video and his patience,
    Clotilde for helping with the subtitles,
    Massive Black & ConceptArt for their trust,
    Nox and Aleksi for playing with us during the interview and for their advice !
    Romain for helping me to synthesize the concept of the video,
    Bonne Graine’s people and Arthur for lending their place
    And everyone who encouraged me to do it.

  • Description

    While creating a new piece, a lot of trained artists already have a precise idea of what they are after. The picture they want to create is like a set destination, and they work rigorously until this destination is reached.While technique and academic training are necessary in the creation ofany piece of artwork, some artists feel they are sometimes trapped bythese and feel a need to free themselves. This often manifests with anartist being bored by his own work, feeling that he lacks imagination.

    Onecan reasonably ask themselves if for such artists, these academicmethods discriminate against the most unconventional ideas. And yet,these are the ideas I want to embrace and develop.

    Rather than working with a set destination in mind, I like my personal works to take me wherever they want to go. Thus the destination is never set, it evolves during the making of the picture.This is the way I feel the most free, and this is the way that I feelmy ideas won’t curb themselves to a limited space. To achieve this, Iuse a work flow based on spontaneity and instinctive feeling. Ofcourse, a basic idea of what I want to do is necessary, or else itwould be like closing my eyes and wiggling my hand at the canvasaimlessly. That starting idea can be anything, but I will use it as astarting point rather than as a goal. I won’t use construction lines.What I want is to explore the canvas in a more unpredictable way, and the key to that is to take advantage of accidents.

    Whilemy work can be described as being figurative, the path that leads me tothat is a more abstract one. I feel that the more free I am, the morefree the observer will be to interpret my works. Of course, such a freeapproach makes more sense in the context of more intimate, personalworks.
    Thanks NinoMojo -Romain- for helping me
    to synthesize and write the concept of the video !