/// Novak Djokovic, Friend of ours /// CASE

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  • Client: mt:s
  • In order to secure leading position in a crowded market of mobile operators, national mobile operator mt:s needed to do something really extraordinary.In our hands, we had a corporate message “YOU HAVE FRIENDS” and a “Joker”, new god of tennis and living Serbian legend Novak Djokovic; but only for 5 hours. 

    So how do we make a campaign that will make all our friends feel special? 

     We brought the hero to the people, onto the streets of Belgrade. Novak surprised people asking them to take a photo with him, and became a friend on a Facebook with each person he met. 
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  • Even during the activation, our action became talk of the town. Reactions and emotions were priceless. Mobile phones videos and photos flooded the web and social mediaIn just a few days, all national newspapers and TV stations reported about the action. 

    Documentary video we made became one of the most viewed and shared video of all times in Serbia. 

    Despite heavy media presence of other players, Mt:s remains absolute leader in all segments of the market to this very day.
  • McCann Erickson Beograd
    Creatives: Milena Kvapil, Marko Savić
    Creative Director: Vladimir Ćosić
    Strategic Planner: Katarina Pribićević
    Accounts: Bojana Gagić, Dušan Ćamilović, Ivana Lisica, Bojan Ninković
    Production House: Le Spot
    TVC Director: Dušan Aničić