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Catalogue of concept developments and digital images for several destinations
Just In Time  –  Photomerge, 2008
Amazed  –  Photomerge, 2011
Beneath A Clear Blue Sky  –  Photomerges, 2008
Cirrus Minor  –  Digital image, 2008
Ebony Dream  –  Digital image, 2008
Original design for the wake’s Fire Of Change album, sketched with black pencil in late December 2002, recently digitally retreated
Alternative design for the wake’s Fire Of Change album, 2007
Grim Waxing Moon  –  Photomerge, 2011
House For Sale (To Own Home Again)  –  270° landscape photomerge, 2009
Jammed in Doorways  –  Digital images, 2009
Look Around Round  –  Digital image, 2009 (inspired by George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass album cover)
One Another cards  –  Shoot on 1st November 2008 (8 °C weather temperature registered)
Opaqueless  –  Photomerge, 2008
Design for the wake’s Save Our Souls album cover, 2004
Sheet design for the wake’s Save Our Souls album, 2011
Send Out A MayDay  –  Photomerges, 2008 (Special Thanks to my Brother, Dr Francesco Gambetta, for posing)
Soundscape  –  180° landscape photomerge, 2008
They Wanna Have A War  –  Photomerge, 2011
2840  –  Photomerge, 2009