Space Jungle
  • Space Jungle "Hall of Fame" (poster size)
    An inventory of the souls in their final moment before entering the Space Jungle.
    Space Jungle ~ noun: A universal anomaly light years away from out current comprehension. 
  • Here is some music to listen to while you look around.
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    Artist: Bob Dylan
    Song: All The Tired Horses

  • In Progress.
  • Nine characters in progress.
  • Brainstorm / Brainpuddle.
  • William McLean
  • Starkad
  • Nakano Takeko
  • Super Mind

  • Barnabos
  • Hyun Mei Pai
  • Rehema
  • Virgil Grissom
  • Billy Larson
  • Nellie Salak
  • Jamie Hermans
  • Anton Duilligir 
  • Standing Wolf
  • Duke Darius
  • Canyon Clyde
  • Pile Up.
  • Original Character
    (first created)
  • Design, drawn and written by Space Jungle.
    Each of these fictional characters are based on non-fictional people. Some names have been altered for identity purposes.
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